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The Back Story


KEA Photography was created in 2008 after picking up a second hand pro camera in Singapore. However the first great camera story is from a trip to Paris and someone trying to steal a camera from around my neck as a young child. I don't think they expected me to show them my best marshal art skills. I'm sure my parents would of been happy to replace the camera instead of me using these tactics! 

A hobby lead to a job working for Dawson Strange. Then photographing my first wedding, of friends who bravely asked! The camera became the best option instead of a handbag! Having studied at Loughborough the camera came with me and still does to lots of sports events occasionally getting pitch side views! 


I enjoy meeting people and capturing a moment in time. It can be commercial or a family moment, I call these small and large. 

I like a challenge when it comes to photography so if you have a project hopefully with your creative mind and mine we can come up with a solution.

"The same road by different 






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